Reluctant wedding cake topper
$14.14 from Amazon

If you want to make everyone at the wedding laugh and say “Yes, it is amazing”, this Wedding Cake Topper is the only means. The bride of this excellent cake topper is sure to make out that the cure for frozen feet is definitely a warm embrace of love. The Accoutrements Reluctant Bride Cake Topper adds a chuckle and a sense of humor to the enthusiasm of your big day. The cake topper surely elicits some chuckles and giggles to help everyone at the wedding be pleased. In order to make you pleasantly surprised, both faces are detailed and well-finished. Good quality and good price. The groom looks a bit young as well as has a little smile, everything is nice and adorable. Each guest will get a laugh out of this when they will realize that it is a groom dragging a bride in an appealing way. The adorable cake topper is made of a perfect resin and isn’t easily breakable at all. The topper even after the wedding, could be a good conversation topic for its size, quality, and durability. A great cake topper for your big day!

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