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$19.99 from Thinkgeek

Tons of times, decision making is pretty tough and time-consuming. When it is, you can either choose to ignore your current situation or torture yourself by forcing yourself to make a gut-wrenching decision. Either way, you don’t win; and it’s because you’re the one who gets all stressed out. The good news is… *cue drum roll* you don’t have to do that anymore! Now, you can give up your free will and let this Decision Maker make the call!
The beauty of using this decision maker is that there are no limitations. From simple to complex type of situations, it is a hundred percent certain that you’ll find this super useful. Whether you’re wondering if you should drink a cup of coffee or tea; or if you should join the union or not, the Schrödinger’s Cat Executive Decision Maker can help you out.
To use this device, ask your cat a question. Note that your question has to be the type of question that can be answered in a binary fashion. The cat in the box is pretty bored so it would definitely allot much time to listen to what you have to say. Once you’re done asking the cat in the box, slide the door of the box open and see if the cat is alive or dead. If it’s alive, the answer to your question is yes. If it’s playing dead, then it’s a no. Simple as that 😉