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Simple elegant glossy aluminum wall clock
Simple elegant glossy aluminum wall clock  silver1
Simple elegant glossy aluminum wall clock2
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Need an awesome Wall Clock that can highlight your class and style? This Wall Clock is so amazing, very simple but stylish, and it can add a beauty to your room. Anybody could be excited to use the lightweight and cute clock. This is great as a frying pan clock too. If you trim its hands in order to get it suitable inside the pan, it is super easy. The clock hands are constructed from superb metal that is very thick so that they could stay sturdy. Even in case you have the clock for a few days, you will be so far very impressed. It keeps good time and looks so classy, as well as you could read this clock from all angles.
If you want to decorate your room, wish for a clock which stylizes the entire environment, this clock can help you in all aspects. The large 11 inches diameter clock is made of aluminum plus top quality glossy enamel finish. Just stylish, elegant, glossy, simple, and so impressive!