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$299.00 from Amazon

If you want your ordinary OOTD or relaxing out-of-town days to brim with countless photo ops, you should definitely get this Smartphone Attachable Lens right here, right now. Don’t let amazing and once in a lifetime moments go to waste. Take them and store ’em using this advanced smartphone lens!

If you have a thing for cameras then perhaps you’re fully aware of the fact that there are variety of lenses out there that can satisfy each of your shooting needs. What’s great about this Smartphone Attachable lens is that it allows you to get angles like you’ve ne’er seen before. By attaching this lens to your phone, you can compose your shots easily just by looking at your phone AND through the Olympus Frequency Accelerated Sensory Technology [FAST] Autofocus feature of this lens, you can just directly touch your smart device’s screen to determine where you want your cam to focus. Isn’t that great? Then after that, it’ll immediately fire off the shutter button so that you can get the shots you want accurately and quickly. It’s absolutely perfect.