Solar Backpack, 7 Walls Solar Panel Bag | TLG
Solar backpack  7 walls solar panel bag
Solar backpack  7 walls solar panel bag2
Solar backpack  7 walls solar panel bag4
Solar backpack  7 walls solar panel bag5
$119.99 from Amazon

You probably have two or three of those normal backpacks that you carry with you when you travel; but how many extraordinary backpacks do you actually have? Imagine this, you’re in the middle of a three-day camping trip in the forest and you’ve just realized that all of your gadgets are dead. What do you do? Freak out? Cry? Or do you just simply go home?

The Solar Backpack is the must-have travel item that you can use whenever you go off the grid. With its special compartments designed for your sunglasses, laptops, phones, tablets, and whatnot, you are surely going to have enough space to carry all the stuff you need for your ninja travels. Now, what if it rains? Worry not, dear traveller. The Solar Backpack is water-resistant and it can store enough energy in the morning so that you will never run out of power at night when the sun isn’t just there anymore to generate power for your devices. For any travel enthusiast, this is definitely the ultimate backpack.