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Sparkup the magical book reader
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$84.58 from Amazon

You can visit the Sparkup website to access professional recordings with fun sound effects or you can make your own with your personal touch. The reader takes pictures of the book’s cover and pages as you make recordings, so it can keep up with your child and jump ahead if needed. Turn reading into a family affair with grandma, grandpa, aunts, uncles and all your cousins.

The Story Books reader stores up to 250 minutes of audio. That’s about 50 books to keep them entertained on those long road trips. You can store files on your computer as you record and download new stories. You don’t even have to worry about downloading additional software.

This revolutionary device allows children to read anywhere, anytime with their loved ones guiding the way. The reader supports independent reading as kids form strong connections with their favorite books. This is a whole new way to encourage reading and story telling.
Take this one off your shelf, but be careful! You may never put it down!