Star Wars Han and Leia Hand Towels | TLG
1521 sw han leia hand towels
1521 sw han leia hand towels back
1521 sw han leia hand towels inuse
$12.49 from Thinkgeek

What makes this pair of towels the perfect housewarming gift or towel addition for any Star Wars-loving couple is that it features a unique design embroidered in silver-grey thread for couples who would like to pay tribute to their childhood heroes – Leia and Han. Aside from this, these hand towels are made of 60% cotton and 40% bamboo. With this 16” x 28” officially licensed Star Wars merchandise, there’s no way that you would not able to fight and defeat the empire through a groundbreaking towel fight.
Without the right hand towels, you just cannot simply have the force with you. Towels are necessities. As a geek, you should know that full well by now. Having a towel which best shows the public which fandom you belong to is the best thing you could ever own. It doesn’t only let you reveal your fantastic geeky life to the world but it also helps you draw geeks who have the same interest as you. Even though it is true that having a geeky and one-of-a-kind personal towel is fun, it’s even WAY more fun if you have a significant other who you can geek out with by using embroidered and Star Wars-themed hand towels. If you think this is too good to be true then worry no more because this is the right Star Wars-themed towels for you.