Star wars projection clock
Star wars projection clock  1
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The Star Wars Projection Clock is able to make many special sounds just like in the movie, so how about waking up to a star wars morning everyday… Cool huh? This is definitely a unique gift for the Star Wars lovers and will surely have you up before your usual time schedule. If you find waking up in the morning a job that is almost near to impossible, then the Star Wars clock is something you need to wake you, motivate you, and have you ready to face the day.

The best thing is yet to come! Oh yes, well apart from the best thing being it can fully wake you up, it cleverly projects the time on the wall. This means you can lie in the comfort of your bed and see the time without having to touch it. The size of the clock is perfect to be placed right by your bed side for you to see and wake up to. Let your star Wars buddy wake you up each morning and you will very soon be feeling up and motivated for the day.