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Swimline 10025 sunsoft sunchaser lounger seat
Swimline 10025 sunsoft sunchaser lounger seat 1
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Float in your pool in style with this ultimate Sunchaser lounger seat.
Do you want to stretch out and lounge in the water to reward yourself for a little while? Discover the most awesome lounger seat of all time with this incredible Swimline Sunsoft Sunchaser Lounger Seat! This superb seat will definitely provide you with a super thick and reliable backrest and armrest that will help you enjoy every minute of your relaxation time under the sun.

This Swimline Sunsoft Sunchaser Lounger Seat is a padded pontoon chair that has not only one but TWO built-in drink holders that you and your friends can enjoy. Aside from that, it also has a fabric covered body, head and foot rests so that you no longer have to worry about how you can stay comfortable while staying afloat for half an hour or so. In sum, this lounger seat has an incomparable head to toe support. In fact, it even boasts of its incredible adjustable inflatable cushion that will make you want to stay in your pool for the longest time possible.