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Tastic microwave egg cooker
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Here’s an Egg-tastic and extremely adorable Microwave Egg Cooker which doesn’t only cook eggs but also heats them instantly. In a nutshell, this egg cooker oozing with cuteness is the ultimate kitchen device that’ll make ‘egg cooking’ a breeze and 100% mess free for you, dear egg-lover.

With this egg cooker at your disposal, you’d no longer have to worry about greasy pans and spatulas. Yep, that’s right. No more messy kitchen counter stress! From here on forth, this non-stick and non-slip Microwave Egg Cooker is your number one partner during early mornings or whenever you feel like making perfectly poached eggs.
To use this dishwasher safe Microwave Egg Cooker, simply crack your egg in the pot, mix in the ingredients you like, and put it in the microwave to achieve that flavorful, delicious, and fluffy eggs that will give you just the right amount of energy to survive your day at work or at school.