The 3D Printing Pen | TLG
89808 1000x1000
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$99.95 from Hammacher Schlemmer

Here is your 3D Printing Pen with which your three-dimensional plastic drawings are very simple. This pen doesn’t release ink, but it extrudes warm thermoplastic which hardens within some seconds, and it lets you produce three-dimensional freehand paintings.
This is really amazing to create drawings in your own way. You can easily download designs of a 6″ high Eiffel Tower, as well as a napkin holder, or even you can get the blueprint of the Istanbul’s Sultan Ahmed Mosque. You just trace the blueprints, then mend them with your favorite 3D pen, draw three-dimensional objects by hand. You even could draw in the air in order to make a bird’s stretched wings as that plastic hardens very fast. This exclusive 3D printing pen can be powered easily with a 6″ long AC cord, and it surprisingly heats up even within a minute, as well as has 2 extrusion speeds which suit with a touch of a button. Involves 50 plastic refills in various colors. Now, your drawings and paintings are more attractive and engaging with your perfect 3D Printing Pen.