The Authentic Roll Ball Returning Soccer Trainer | TLG
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$129.95 from Hammacher Schlemmer

Give your kids a gift they will always love you for with the Ball Returning Soccer Trainer. If you’re little ones love soccer, this is the ideal gift for them and if they constantly whinge about having to retrieve the ball, then it is a definite must have. The cleverness of the soccer trainer is that it helps your soccer champ to perfect their game instead of spending half the time running behind the soccer ball. No you will not be bringing the ball back for them, because that’s where the unique trainer comes in, oh yes!
The soccer trainer features a two-in-one soccer net as well as an X shaped sturdy steel frame. One side of the apparatus features a curved net, which can smartly rebound the ball back to the player with an addition of supreme height and spin. Before the next kick is taken, the player gets a chance to both trap and take control of the ball; resulting in better shots every time. This soccer trainer can be used almost anywhere and thanks to its lightweight feature, it can be taken almost everywhere your champ wishes to practice their soccer skills.