The Bearded Beanie | TLG
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$39.95 from Hammacher Schlemmer

This knit cap is with a foldaway removable beard which evokes the hirsute maleness of mountain guys at the time of participating in cold temperatures tasks. Suitable for cutting timber, making a cottage, or even shoveling snow, this is manufactured out of soft hundred percent acrylic thread into a taut weave which doesn’t recognize even to accept the cool. The Bearded Beanie keeps you warm and makes you perfect for working in the winter, and helps you feel great! Nevertheless comfortable and delicate, the beard shows a masculinity, and just the most convinced one might give off, adapting in length along with hook-and-loop fasteners in this cap’s interior.
Whenever a more decent bear is needed, that bear could be folded into your cap or could be detached completely. This cap is really more convenient to use. If you have some works in cool temperatures, want to show some maleness, this bearded beanie could be perfect for you. So, keep warm with The Bearded Beanie while cutting wood or doing other works like this. An exceptional cap! Black.