The BeerBelly 200-001 The 80-Ounce Beer Belly | TLG
The beerbelly 200 001 the 80 ounce beer belly
The beerbelly 200 001 the 80 ounce beer belly 1
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Fellas, are you jealous of women’s breasts? It’s ok to admit it. Being able to carry your phone, ID and credit cards without a purse, wallet or pocket is an incredible gift. Don’t fret! The Beer Belly may not be as naturally sexy, but it is incredibly useful. This item makes beer bellies the coolest new luxury.

Hide your beer in your belly to ensure you can get it into your belly later. Festivals, hikes or concerts, it doesn’t matter where you are going. The belly will keep you hydrated…with beer or your favorite beverage. Hot or cold, you can fill the belly with up to 80 ounces of liquid. The belly comes in one size, but it fits users up to 6 feet 8 inches tall. At the waist, it goes as wide as 40 inches

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