The Easy On/Off Bifocal Sunglasses | TLG
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$49.95 from Hammacher Schlemmer

Next time you take off them sunglasses, do it in pure style and have the crowd moved, only with these Easy On/Off Bifocal Sunglasses. These beauties funkily separate at the bridge with a patented magnetic collector, which lets them slip on and off in a breeze. At the same time, they are secured around the neck, which means they will always be in your presence. If you love reading at the beach or the pool, then these are essential accessories you need with you as there is nothing more posh than finishing your book, lying down and taking off those classes in pure class!
The bridge easily opens with a firm pinch, which allows each lens to fold inwards and create a compact form for convenient storage. They can truly add that touch of elegance to your appearance and as soon as someone sees you removing them, the compliments will come flying into your face! Wow… All that attention only because a pair of sunglasses… But, only we know they’re not any ordinary glasses are they?!