The Evaporative Cooling Cap | TLG
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$29.95 from Hammacher Schlemmer

Here is your cap that utilizes evaporation to help your head keep around 20º F cooler than outdoor air temperature. Therefore, outdoor hot temperature can’t take a toll on your health. The Evaporative Cooling Cap is produced by a company of cooling clothes for qualified cycling teams, Olympic players, even the military, this cap is charged just by sinking in cold water, and it should be submerged for at least 2 minutes, and then wringing out that excess. The inner liner of your cap’s patented fabric keeps that cold water wherever it vaporizes around 5 hours, and the evaporation system obviously drives heat far-off from your head, and thus it keeps you cool.
Your amazing cap has hundred percent cotton, and fifty three percent polymer, or forty seven percent cellulose liner. When you go out in the summer season, and the sun is above your head, you look for some shadow or a cool environment, this is when you need The Evaporative Cooling Cap most in order to keep yourself cool and feel comfort. Adaptable hook-and-loop back. This cooling cap is one of the best choices. Air dry and hand wash. Imported. Khaki