The Holiday Illuminated Sheers | TLG
87513 1000x1000
87513a 1000x1000
$59.95 from Hammacher Schlemmer

Cast a festive glow inside and outside your home with these Holiday Illuminated Sheers that’ll make your house glow from inside out!
Bring that incredible Christmas vibe inside your home with these Holiday Illuminated Sheers! These Holiday Illuminated Sheers are attached to 200 LED lights that are all strung to a gauzy curtain. In a nutshell, this holiday decor will not only serve as a Christmas light for your living room or bedroom for this is also a pretty good curtain that can ensure your privacy 100%! Even if December ends, the lovely minimalist design of this Illuminated Window Sheer curtain will definitely find its way to catch up with the changing seasons, especially because during daytime, this curtain’s fabric freely allows natural sunlight to enter the room you’re in even if the sheers are drawn. How convenient!