The iPad Charging Floor Stand | TLG
87929 1000x1000
Charging floor stand
$99.95 from Hammacher Schlemmer

Regardless of how high you are sitting, ensure your iPad is right in your face… No, no, no wait a minute because that went a little wrong. By in your face I don’t actually mean in your face 24/7, just those times you really need it and it needs charging. We all go through that situation where we really need our iPad and it alerts you that it needs connecting to its charger. After this, we usually have to wait until it is charged so we can use it again, or do we? No… Not anymore, as this iPad Charging Floor Stand can easily solve our problems as well as charge the iPad at the same time.
Regardless of the angle you need to keep your iPad at, you can charge it with this helpful accessory and at the same time transport it around the house! Your iPad may be your night time book, or your cooking recipes, or even a source for watching movies in your spare time. The list is just endless, which is why the battery also runs out quick. With this floor stand charger, your iPad can both attend your needs and extends its battery life all at the same time.