The iPad Paintbrush | TLG
87320 1000x1000
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$49.95 from Hammacher Schlemmer

If you are searching for a brush to paint on your iPad, or other capacitive touchscreens, and desire to feel that you are painting in point of fact, this is the perfect way to go.The iPad paintbrush lets you produce artworks on your tablet computer or even on a smart.
The paintbrush utilizes patent-pending artificial hairs, and these are infused with so many conductive properties, made with exactly the same taper, suppleness as well as potency as conventional bristles, causing exactly the same feeling and genuine strokes. Similar in not only size but also weight to normal painting tools, the iPad paintbrush emulates paintings in acrylic, watercolor or even charcoal media utilizing Apple as well as Android applications, such as, PIcsArt, Brushes, and ASKetch. There is a rubber stylus on the other end of that brush, and it allows handwriting or sketching. Produced from brass along with plating as well as a smooth rubber grip on behalf of optimum control. Suitable for all devices with touchscreens including Nexus, iPhone, Samsung Tablet, Kindle Fire, and so on.