The Lady's Dress Overshoes | TLG
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$99.95 from Hammacher Schlemmer

During a bad weather, you can’t really guarantee that your shoes would be fine. That’s why the Dress Overshoes have been invented.
No one can deny that there have been several annoying times in history when weather forecasts haven’t really been that much help when it comes to explaining the weather for the day. This is why there had been multiple cases in the past when you had to leave home early, but just when you are about to go back to your home from work, you suddenly noticed that there is a surprise storm outside; and to make things worse, you do not have any spare footwear to wear in order for you to bear the storm without ruining your gorgeous shoes. Thankfully, the Dress Overshoes are finally here to solve that!
The Dress Overshoes have been designed to protect shoes and the person wearing them from slipping on wet streets and roads. It is guaranteed to help you out during inclement weather through its easy-to-open-and-close zipper and a rubberized heel that will guide you as you walk outdoors during a terrible weather. The best part, of course, is that your shoes will remain the way they are, thanks to this pair of dress overshoes.