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The lightshow pixie backpack
The lightshow pixie backpack1
The lightshow pixie backpack2
$29.95 from Hammacher Schlemmer

School’s a jungle. This is why you gotta make sure that your dear boy or girl is at the top of the hierarchy. How do you do that? Simple. You give your child the best Lightshow Pixie Backpack on earth!

From its appearance alone, it comes as no surprise that this Lightshow Pixie Backpack is the only bag on the market that can actually whisk the young and lovely imaginations of your child and other children as your kid walks to school or runs around the playground wearing this vibrant backpack with cool illuminated wings.

The most incredible feature of this backpack is its LED lights. If your child is walking, you can set the mode of this pixie backpack to ‘walking’ so that its built-in LED lights will blink slowly. On the other hand, if your child is running, you can set this backpack to flying mode so that its lights will flash very quickly.

If you want to give your child, niece, nephew, or sibling a unique and meaningful gift, don’t let this opportunity go to waste. Order a Lightshow Pixie Backpack right away!