The Messless Indoor Sandbox | TLG
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$49.95 from Hammacher Schlemmer

Who doesn’t love playing outside in the sand in the summer time? We all love it! Now with winter upon us, you can bring that fun indoors with this Kids Indoor Game messless indoor sandbox!
This isn’t just any old sandbox brought in doors, the messless sandbox is specially made to be played with indoors and is therefore filled with a special kind of sand compound. The sand compound is all natural, so it’s safe for kids to play with. It packs just like sand, but has a consistency more or less like cookie dough. The sand is amazing – it feels like sand, yet when packed it maintains it shape and this helps to build your child’s confidence. This sand is perfect for indoors because it won’t stick to things, or just ground into carpets and crevices. The sands unique consistency allows you to pick up a clump of it with just one finger! Your child can have all of the fun of sand without you having all of the mess!
This Kids Indoor Game is not only fun, but practical. It helps children develop their fine motor skills and loads of sensory experiences.
The sand does not stain hands or surfaces and removes easily when spilled. The table includes 13 sand toys, sand table, and 4 pounds of sand. Dimensions measure Tray 22 3/4″ L x 14 3/4″ W x 7″ H. (Has a total weight of 8 1/2 lbs. when full of sand.) This toy is appropriate for children 3 and up and should be used with adult supervision.