The Portable LP to MP3 Converter | TLG
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$29.95 from Hammacher Schlemmer

You know what they say, nothing ever truly beats the classic. This precisely explains the reason why there’s a need for music lovers out there to convert awesome vinyl records to digital music STAT. The world is changing so fast, meaning we need to catch up and preserve the things that are clearly worth-saving as soon as possible. Thanks to this MP3 converter, saving classic vinyl music and converting them to digital files is now possible.
This awesome MP3 Converter faithfully transfers any LP to digital audio and securely stores ’em on a MicroSD card or a USB drive. What’s more amazing is that it includes a computer software that will allow you to make your own selection and organize your own compilations. Obviously, this MP3 converter is a portable turntable; so, it can be easily connected to external speakers through RCA ports. Hence, you can play music anytime you want to. Now, if you don’t think that’s impressive, you should know that this portable turntable occupies less space than the vinyl record itself. Therefore, you can save up a lot of space in your desk or work area if you plan to use this kick-A MP3 Converter for long hours. Isn’t that great? Prove your love to classic music with this bad boy. Get your own converter right away or buy one of your musically inclined friends this cool gadget and earn their love and respect for the rest of your life!