The Rotating Air Hockey To Billiards Table | TLG
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$799.95 from Hammacher Schlemmer

Play your indoor sports like you always do, but with a little twist in the game! With this Pool Table you can have the joy of playing both Billiards and Air Hockey, as they are both cleverly combined into the table and can be changed in a matter of a switch. That’s right, and it is actually only a switch to turn the air hockey game into billiards! Simply switch to the game you’re in the mood for and lock this into place before you can get playing.
With this amazing beauty in your living room there will definitely be fewer fights over the TV remote and more fights to which game is going to be played next. Experience the joy and spend quality time with your loved ones, with something that ensures there’s an activity we all love. You may want to surprise your friends a little and only introduce the one game and as everything gets going, you can amaze them by simply switching. Everyone will surely think they are dreaming as what was air hockey just a few seconds ago, cannot turn into a completely different game; or can it?