The Tailgaters' Hammocks | TLG
The tailgaters hammocks
$349.95 from Hammacher Schlemmer

What’s missing from your fun and relaxing trips to campsites, lakes, and mountain tops? You really want to know? Okay, well, the answer is really pretty simple: HAMMOCKS. Yeah, that’s right. Hammocks.
You know, dear customer, what you are in dire need of right now are two awesome hammocks. Nobody really tells you this but what most people do not realize is that what each living human being badly needs in this life is his or her own hammock-style trailer hitches; and the reason why these qualify as necessities instead of mere ‘wants’ is because hammocks are key ingredients for awesome pre-game parties and tailgating. So, basically, if you and your friends happen to weigh not more than 250 lbs each, it would be extremely perfect for the both of you to order this dual hammock that will provide you the relaxation and comfort you need.
In ten minutes, you can quickly set up this cool device and attach it to your trailer with ease. After that, you can just simply relax by reclining to your hammock and enjoying the hanging footrests that come along with the smartly-designed dual hammock.