The World's Largest Toe Tap Piano | TLG
82689 1000x1000
$79.95 from Hammacher Schlemmer

The World’s Largest Toe Tap Piano lets you compose engaging music with taps of your toe. This is the biggest dance-on piano all over the world and is 8′ long. The 28’sq. piano mat enables promising virtuosos to create their very own music while dancing, jumping, or running on the keys. 14 bright and 10 dark keys, nearly 2 complete octaves, generate personal tones or even melodic harmonies. This is really an awesome piano you should try to have some fun with some of your friends. This piano is very big for duets and artists so that they could record and quickly hear their compositions via an incorporated speaker or tap with prerecorded songs. The system replicates sounds from 8 diverse instruments, such as, piano, violin, harp, saxophone, vibraphone, organ, guitar, and trumpet, and this connects to an another MP3 player or an iPod in order to allow artists to perform along for their beloved songs. Involves 4 AA batteries.