This enormous Lava Lamp is over two feet tall! | TLG
This enormous lava lamp is over two feet tall
This enormous lava lamp is over two feet tall  2
This enormous lava lamp is over two feet tall  3
$109.99 from Vat19

Who DOESN’T love a good ol’ Lava Lamp? A loser. That’s who. Let coolness flow in your bedroom or apartment with this Giant Lava Lamp as your main desk accessory. After all, you deserve the best.
Why settle for a small lava lamp when you can have a lamp that’s three times larger and way waaaaaaaaay groovier?

This enormous lava lamp provides more than just accent for your interior decor at home since it also serves as an excellent source of hypnotic enjoyment for kids, young adults, and even seniors. To add, it’s also an excellent tool for illuminating your space. With its greenish blue glow, your flat will look way cooler than usual.
Pretty much like any other regular lava lamp, this gigantic lava lamp guarantees the long exposure of a trippy display where you’ll get to see a gentle and soft glow of light as wax heats up inside the lamp’s proprietary fluid. SOOO what are you waiting for? Be sure to get your very own Lava Lamp right here right now. Don’t hesitate. Surely, you’ll get your money’s worth.