Tiki decorative tissue box 1 600x600
$18.78 from Amazon

If you have a thing for kitschy designs, this Tiki Decorative Tissue Box is the perfect retro tissue holder for you. Aside from being a unique holder, this old school-looking box is a very effective conversation starter as well. Let’s face it guys… WHO WOULDN’T WANT TO TALK ABOUT AN EASTER ISLAND-THEMED TISSUE BOX?! No one! So whether you plan to put this inside your office, on the side table of your living room or inside your car, this decorative box will surely fit right in.
Even the person who seems to have everything will get a kick out of this thing. With this box’s lowbrow art and clever structure, any person who has a good sense of humor will find this gag gift creative and worth the price.

Not only is it reminiscent of an old Polynesian carving, this Tiki Decorative Tissue Box is also useful when you really could use a fine material of gauzy texture. Plus, it’s just sooo cool.

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