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Toy monster monkey bars tower
Toy monster monkey bars tower 2
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Let your kid imagine and do something new and special. The Toy Monster Monkey Bar Tower helps you child develop his/ her imagination and inventiveness skills. Very effective! This awe-inspiring tower is made of sturdy interlocking plastic tubes along with binary self-locking springs which could make this both portable and easy to assemble. These hollow tubes are very out of harm’s way if there is a fall or slip. Everything is the right height, that means if your kid slips or falls, this is not far enough so that he could hurt himself on the grass. This is quite safe and funny, and offers your loving kids hours of playtime excitement and games. This is great quality. Your little monkeys, your cute kids are surely going to like this jungle gym. Let the fun start.

You need to save time, you need to sore thumbs, so, to press the buttons down, just use a flat head screw driver. It will work like a charm and will make the assembly very much faster. A great purchase!