Trakdot Luggage Tracker, Black/Orange, One Size | TLG
Trakdot luggage tracker  black orange  one size
Trakdot luggage tracker  black orange  one size 2
Trakdot luggage tracker  black orange  one size 3
Trakdot luggage tracker  black orange  one size 4
$19.99 from Amazon

Planning a holiday can be a lovely experience, but the lovely bit starts only once you arrive at your destination. Everything that happens before usually involves many stressful situations, like packing and worrying about the luggage. You have packed all those holiday essentials to take with you and the next thing you would want to think about is a Trakdot Luggage Tracker. With this clever gadget not only will you never lose your luggage, but you will also have that constant peace of mind that your luggage is safe throughout the entire journey. Prevent fights, mood swings, and the constant blaming each other for the loss of your luggage with this device, which is able to tell you the exact location of your tracked luggage.

It will work anywhere your cell phone works and all it will do is send an email or text message telling you if your luggage is with you. During a stressful time like this is the one text you will surely be looking forward to as much as, let’s say a cup of coffee after a long days craving! Once you take that breath of relief, others will surely want to know about the text that’s suddenly changed your mood, but hush… As that’s your little secret!