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Two peas in a pod magnetic salt and pepper set
$12.60 from Amazon

You could make your mealtimes more adorable along with you this Magnetic Salt and Pepper Set. This is a nice gift for the romantic couples. The salt and pepper set includes a pepper shaker, a salt shaker, as well as a dish in order to set these on. This 3 piece set could be a great gift for Christmas day, valentine’s day, anniversary, etc. There are no fragile extensions in the unique set to be worried about, and you will be very pleased when you will see its overall quality. Great concept! Pea’s elated face is close to her beloved, and lover pea will also make you ‘fall in love’ with the salt and pepper set.

The set is a perfect size to hold sufficient pepper and salt. If you want to provide your ‘love pea’ with something whimsical, it would be a good bet. Totally adorable! They are very cute for words. You will be astonished to see that how perfectly they are held in place by the magnets. The sweet salt and pepper set is designed to smarten your kitchen.

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