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Tylt energi backpack
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$199.95 from Amazon

As a person living in the digital age, you pretty much need all the help you can get to survive the modern life. For any true traveller, this Charging Backpack would be the ultimate travel must-have that any globetrotter is going to need as he seeks to indulge himself on the beauty of nature and the outside world.

Picture this, the plane you’re riding had just arrived to this magnificent place which you’ve been looking forward to see for years; then, you realize that your phone and tablets’ battery life are already drained. That’s a HUGE bummer, right? Thankfully, this TYLT Energi Backpack has one main goal and that is to let you charge your gadgets and keep all of your other travelling items safe and protected wherever you go. By keeping your electronics inside your bag, you won’t be just protecting them; you’d also be charging them. More than any other bag, this Charging Backpack is way more heavily padded and flexible. That’s the beauty of new technology right there.