Ultra thin credit-card sized utility knife. | TLG
Ultra thin credit card sized utility knife.
Ultra thin credit card sized utility knife. 2
Ultra thin credit card sized utility knife. 3
$19.99 from Vat19

Utility knives are so cool, you can use ’em in the kitchen, at work, at school, and even when you badly need to use a weapon to protect yourself at the streets during the night. With everything that’s going on with the world, it would be best if you keep a Utility Knife with you just in case.

Although its 2.2mm thin, the Cardshap Credit Card Knife can transform into a sharp blade that is strong enough to cut tapes, threads, and even ropes. Plus, it can even protect you from offenders… given that, of course, you use it the right way. With this at your disposal, you don’t have to worry anymore about not being prepared. With its sturdy handle and surgical steel blade, you’re ALWAYS prepared. Oh, and before anyone forgets to mention, this utility knife is also waterproof! Psh, I know, right? What more could you possibly ask for? It’s soooo cool.