Magnetic cell phone mount holder2
Magnetic cell phone mount holder
Magnetic cell phone mount holder3
Magnetic cell phone mount holder4
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The powerful rubber-coated magnet gives exceptional grip on a wide range of devices, even when rotating or swiveling to get the best view. The PhoneRider magnetic cell phone mount comes with two metal plates – one circular disc and one rectangle plate – that can either be placed inside the phone, between your device and its case (recommended), or for larger devices, you can adhere a plate to the back of the case using the optional sticky backing for stronger magnetic grip. The magnetic head is fully adjustable and can also be reversed, allowing your device to rest on the base, giving extra support and stability whilst using the device with one hand. No other popular cell phone holder has this function! This Universal Magnetic Car Phone Holder is great for working at your desk, viewing in your bedroom or kitchen, or on a plane or train. Our revolutionary sticky gel base is larger than those of popular competitors, so gives much better grip than rubber suction pads or popular models with smaller sticky gel bases.

This Universal Magnetic Car Phone Holder can be used on a wide range of non-porous surfaces, including glass, plastic, varnished wood and even stone – ideal for camping. The base of the car phone mount can even attach to curved, textured dashboards! Just push the lever twice instead of once when attached to give extra suction. It can also be removed easily without leaving a sticky residue. To clean the base, and restore it to perfect condition, just rinse it with warm water and allow it to air dry.