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Usb plasma ball
Usb plasma ball desk
$6.99 from Thinkgeek

You can be waaaaay cooler than you already know you are, that much I know. By simply having this USB Plasma Ball in your natural habitat (i.e. any place with a computer desk, a working pc, and a bed), you can instantly became way cooler than you actually are. How so? Well, only fantastic people can manage to have this plasma ball at their disposal. That’s why.
Now, take note of this: to bask in the brilliance of this plasma ball’s hypnotic beams, you first have to plug its cable to a PC or Mac USB port. After which, turn the plasma ball’s switch on and let it charm you as it takes your mind off of stressful stuff. It’s really quite the desktop decor BUT that’s not the only reason why this USB plasma ball should be at the top of your priority list. What puts this on top is that it is the most thoughtful gift you could ever give to someone who’s a massive fan of geeky stuff or science-related novelty items. For sure, this plasma ball will steal the spotlight and make any person love you more than they already do. Soooo, yeah, there you go, this USB Plasma Ball is more than just an average desk decor for it brings love, fun, and entertainment.