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$19.99 from Vat19

Drink refreshing beverages just the way you want ’em! To aid you, here’s a cool Watermelon Keg Kit that is sure to serve you the most amazing cold drinks that you have been craving for ever since summer season had decided to grace the Earth with heat and a never-ending sunshine.

Not only does this watermelon keg kit help you quench your thirst in a summer-themed outdoor function, this kit also adds a refreshing vibe to pool parties, BBQs, and get-togethers. Whether you’re the party guest or the party thrower, it doesn’t really matter because either way, you’ll have fun with this watermelon keg kit.
All in all, what makes this watermelon keg kit work is the genius tapping system that you can find inside it. Because of the tapping system this kit has, any watermelon at your fridge or cooler can be the ultimate drink-dispensing keg. To make that possible… cut off the top and bottom of your watermelon. Once you have done so, hollow it out and bore a hole in it using the included coring tool. After which, fill the fruit with your beverage of choice and start drinking!