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Wireless vertical ergonomic optical mouse
Wireless vertical ergonomic optical mouse1
Wireless vertical ergonomic optical mouse2
Wireless vertical ergonomic optical mouse3
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Do you spend a lot of time in front of your computer? Are you a gamer or a work-at-home type? Are you constantly battling carpel tunnel or just trying to find an ergonomic solution? Look no more! The Wireless Wireless Optical Mouse is perfection!
The scientific ergonomic design enforces more neutral hand positions as you serf the Internet. The upright structure imitates the ‘handshake’ position, which lessens strain in your wrists and arms, especially if you log a lot of computer time. Overall, the mouse encourages smooth movements and healthy muscles.

The mouse’s resolution optical tracking technology allows for precise tracking over a multitude of surfaces. You can set the item for 800, 1200, or 1600 DPI depending on the surface. Even if you can’t find that extra mouse pad, you can adjust this mouse so it’s no problem!

The mouse features next and previous buttons to help you out as you surf the Web. It even enters power saver mode after eight minutes idle. The power will be cut off completely to help you save battery life. To wake it up, just press the left or right button and your ready to get back to exploring the Internet.