Woombie Air, Little Cars, Big Baby 14-19 Lbs | TLG
Woombie air little cars big baby 14 19 lbs
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Looking for a parent and baby-sitter proof cocoon for your cute bundle of joy? If yes then you should order this Baby Swaddle right away! This Woombie Baby Swaddle imitates the feature of a mother’s womb so, with that being said, by using this baby swaddle, it is sure that your baby will feel extra safe and comfortable.

This Woombie Baby Swaddle is 100% baby-proof. Your baby can squirm away all he wants but he will never get out of this thing. Rest assured, no human being can screw this up at 2 AM. Of course, like any other cocoon, this is super safe to the one being held by it. Once your baby is wrapped with this woombie, you can take comfort in the fact that he will not get it down around his waist or up in his head. This baby swaddle prevents any harmful thing from happening to your precious baby.

In addition, this woombie also boasts of its multiple outsanding features, chief of which is an extremely form-fitting design made possible by a firm yet stretchy fabric. It even has a little flap under its zipper so that the tiny fingers of your baby can be protected no matter what.

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