Xpand Elastic Shoelaces | TLG
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$9.99 from Brookstone

Parents! Are you sick and tired of watching your kids ruin their shoes by pulling them off an on? Stepping on the heels to yank their feet out without untying their darn shoes? Are you sick and tired of tripping over laces? Then these Elastic Shoe Laces by Hickies are the answer you’ve been waiting for! And hey – they’re not just for kids, you know. Tons of fun and practicality for any age!
Hickies elastic shoe laces turn your favorite lace up sneakers into slip ons! Just remove the laces and replace with the Hickies elastic shoe laces and you’re ready to run, just like that! Hickies elastic shoe laces are made from new copolymer technology that allows them to expand or contract to fit any shoe! This awesome material allows the elastic shoe laces to move with the movement of your feet so you get a fit that is comfortable, yet secure.
Each package of Hickies elastic shoe laces comes with 16 – enough for two pairs of shoes! Mix and match color combinations to fit your style and wardrobe. Fits any size shoe with eyelets. Hickies will return to their original size after every use so you can use them with multiple pairs of shoes! They just keep sounding better and better!
These are a great gift for kids and parents alike! No more waiting for the kids to tie their shoes. Be out the door in a snap with Hickies elastic shoe laces in your favorite pair of tennis shoes!